Survey of the ‘Heads of Households’ in Scarcliffe Village – 1891

There were sixty-four households listed in Scarcliffe Village (not Parish) in the 1891 Census.  Looking at the head of the household in each case thirty-eight were born in Derbyshire, nineteen of those in Scarcliffe.  Thirteen were born in Nottinghamshire, four in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, two in Staffordshire, and one in each of Leicestershire, Lancashire and Kent.  Of the sixty-four ‘Heads of Household’, 58 were men and 6 were women.  Looking at the occupations of the ‘Heads of Household’ there were twenty six who were farmers, farm labourers, woodsmen and other occupations connected with agriculture and land work.  There were eighteen who worked as miners, colliery labourers and other work connected with the mining industry and who were probably working at nearby Langwith Colliery.  

There were (as now) two Public Houses the Horse & Groom run by Mary Cooke and the Elm Tree run by Reuben Reddish.  There was a butcher, John Mellors and a Greengrocer and Fishmonger, George Palmer.  I believe there was also a Grocer’s shop because Mary Elliott wife of George Elliott (Agricultural Labourer) is listed as a grocer’s shopkeeper.  Mary was the daughter of Thomas Mellors, who in 1871 is recorded as a grocer and farmer.  By 1895 George Elliott is listed as a Grocer and receiver of mail (see extract from Bulmer’s Directory). 

Living with 81 years old widow Mary Rodgers is her daughter Elizabeth aged 33 a Certified Superintendent Mistress (School) who must have taught at the village school which was built in 1868/9.  Frank G White is recorded as a Clerk in Holy Orders presumably preaching at St Leonard’s Church whilst John Heathcote is both woodcutter and local preacher.  Perhaps he preached at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, founded in 1858 and which used to stand opposite the school. 

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Heads of Households