Some of the Vicars and Curates of Scarcliffe Parish until 1956

Extracted from “Some notes on The Parish church of St Leonard’s, Scarcliffe” compiled by The Revd. R. N. R. Rendell, Vicar of St Anne’s, Derby and Member of the Derbyshire Archæological Society.

Date of Incumbency Name of Incumbent
  Nicholas de Kersyngton
1341 Peter de Derby (on resignation of the above)
  Robert de Clifton (on resignation of the above)
1343 Richard, son of Robert de Hosttelier (on resignation of the above)
1361 Adam de Hopton
  Richard de Newthorpe (on resignation of the above)
  Robert de Hall
1381 Roger Fraunceis (on death of the above)
1416 Gervase Eley
1426 Thomas Laverok (on resignation of the above)
1433 John Studbury (on resignation of the above)
1448 Thomas Saynt (on resignation of the above)
1452 Henry Hervye
1469 Robert Tothwode (on death of the above)
  John Harrison
  John Reddiche
1529 Thomas Peasse
1537 John Roy (on death of the above)
1556 Richard Oxley (on death of the above)
1650 Mr Dobson (Parliamentary survey)
1727 William Gardiner (Curate in charge – Upper Langwith)
1754 John Richardson (Curate)
  George Mason (Curate)
1756 Michael Hartshorne (Rector of Langwith)
1757 William Richardson (Curate)
1761 – 1767 Vicar?
1770 William Armstrong (Curate)
1772 John Robinson (Curate)
1781 Edward Otter (Patron H.M. the King)
1786 John Robinson (Vicar)
1815 W, Calcraft-Tinsley (Vicar) (Patron the Duke of Devonshire)
1831 F. W, Sharpe (Curate)
1836 John Hamilton Gray (Vicar of Bolsover and Scarcliffe)
1864 Thomas C Hills (Curate of Scarcliffe, 1866 Vicar of Bolsover)
1867 Arthur Blythe (Vicar)
1886 Edward H Mullins (Vicar)
1899 Sydney Biss (Vicar)

Charles Haselden Talmay (Vicar)

1942 E. H. Thomas Parker (Vicar)
1956 Jeremy Wootton (Vicar)